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Modbus RS485 to USB converter. Used for connecting Modbus sensors using USB connector of Vutlan monitoring units.

Used for monitoring systems: VT900, VT900DC, VT960, VT960DC

The output signal can meet the RS485 standard, the communication distance of more than 1200 meters, the communication load is greater than 30, the baud rate is less than or equal to 19200BPS, by GB/T17626.4 electrical fast transient burst grade III experimental requirements, GB/ T17626.5 surge (impact) immunity level III test request.

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The unit has all possibilities for rack control, PIR sensor for door control, 2 dry contacts, temperature and humidity sensors. 

Operating temperature: −40… +125°С. 
RH operating range: 0 to 100%.
T accuracy: ±0.4°C in  –10 to 85 °C range.
RH accuracy: ± 3% RH in  0 to 80% range.

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Allows to increase the number of dry contacts connected to any Vutlan monitoring unit. Adds 32 dry contacts. Can be connected to any CAN port.

The number of dry contacts inside VT440 can be increased up to 64 with dry contacts module VT32.

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