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Price €199.00

The unit has all possibilities for rack control, PIR sensor for door control, 2 dry contacts, temperature and humidity sensors. 

Operating temperature: −40… +125°С. 
RH operating range: 0 to 100%.
T accuracy: ±0.4°C in  –10 to 85 °C range.
RH accuracy: ± 3% RH in  0 to 80% range.

Price €199.00

Allows increasing the number of dry contacts connected to any Vutlan monitoring unit. Adds 32 dry contacts. Can be connected to any CAN port.

The number of dry contacts inside VT440 can be increased up to 64 with dry contacts module VT32.

Price €85.00

100A transducer is used for the measurement of AC current. The system interface allows to assign transducer and to introduce the function data conversion. VT407 AC current converter can be used together with HAT-100Q1 to convert data into the format of Vutlan remote monitoring system.

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