VT510 / Humidity sensor

MSRP price: €89.00

The sensor is needed for measurement of relative humidity indoors with a relative accuracy of 3% RH

The sensor is needed for the measurement of relative humidity 0-95% indoors with a relative accuracy of 3% RH.

The maximum amount of sensors and maximum length can be extended using VT408 / Sensor extension unit.

Data sheet

Product dimensions
(Length, Width, Height) 60×18×18 mm
Packaging weight
60 g
Power Consumption
60 mW
Operating temperature
-10° C to +80° C
Operating humidity
0 to 95 %
Mounting possibilities
Wall mount
Max. distance from the unit
150 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
9025 11 800
3% RH
Inputs terminals
RJ11 6P4C


VT510 datasheet

VT510 humidity sensor probe datasheet

Download (150.44KB)

EMC test report VT960i

EMC test report Model: VT960i and VT960ii Sensors/Modules: VT408, VT490, VT500, VT510, VT530, VT540, VT560 Emission measurements, Immunity tests

Download (2.51MB)

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