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Price €75.00

Used for access control.

VT108 / RFID cards are purchased separately.

Only two readers can be installed per system. If two readers are installed, they operate as one device.

It can be used for access control with VT325, VT335, VT335 DC, VT805, VT825, VT825 DC  monitoring units.

Price €134.00

The unit has all possibilities for rack control, PIR sensor for door control, 2 dry contacts, temperature and humidity sensors. 

Operating temperature: −40… +125°С. 
RH operating range: 0 to 100%.
T accuracy: ±0.4°C in  –10 to 85 °C range.
RH accuracy: ± 3% RH in  0 to 80% range.

Price €0.00

This is a 110V--260V (12V3A) 90V-260V(12V5A) Access power supply controller (switch).

It can be controlled using "VT11 / Dry contact output" or using Isolated dry contact outputs or Latching relays of any Vutlan monitoring system to power locks On/Off.

Features anti-interference ability and provides very stable and reliable output in various applications such as lock control, controller control, exit button usage, RFID Reader control and etc.

 Material:  Steel

 Output Power: 36W

 Durability Test: 500000 times

Input Frequency: 50-60Hz

 Input Voltage: 90-260VAC

 Output Voltage: DC12V/3A; DC12V/5A

● Working Temperature: -20 to +65

● Time Delay: 0-15 seconds, adjustable

● Operating relative Humidity: 0%-90%

 Dimensions: 138 x 67 x 37 mm

Price €0.00
  • Models: ML-180, ML-280, ML-350, ML-500
  • Magnetic lock
  • Holding Force :180kg(350lbs)/280kg(600lbs)/350kg(800lbs)/500kg(1000lbs)
  • Easy installation
  • Low energy consumption (DC 12V)
  • Silent and continuous duty operation
  • Applicable to a wide variety of swing and sliding door
  • Interface seamlessly to controller readers
  • Instantaneous release in the event of an emergency
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