Power Distribution Units

Vutlan PDUs support remote switching of outlets and evironmental monitoring. PDUs allow you to monitor conditions in the rack, in the server room to protect critical assets. Built-in HTTP interface and SNMP support, allow staff to manage loads and record logs in the database. The PDUs can use a variety of logic circuits for automatic actions (eg switching on and off load) for the events that occur in the system.

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Device is used for load management and allows to switch on/off or reboot up to 4 outlets.

It has built-in temperature sensor, can connect 2 additional sensors, 2 dry contacts, two 12V devices (for example, alarm beacons), GSM modem and USB-сam.

There are built-in servers and agents like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP v1, 2c, 3, SMTP, Radius, Syslog, FTP, DHCP, Wachdog.

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