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Price €29.00

Relay switchable contact. Can be used together with equipment, for example for switching ON/OFF air conditioners. Can control power for magnetic locks, bolt locks, solenoid electromagnets, siren, light source, heater and etc.

Can be connected to any monitoring system or device with 12V outputs.

Price €23.00

For installation inside of IT racks and cabinets, enclosures, doors, and windows. It is used to detect the opening of doors or windows, garage doors, rack doors, ie . in places , where it is necessary surveillance by means of opening the magnetic contact. It is but also compatible with many alarms other 3rd party brands. Detection is based on the separation of two magnetically interconnected parts, of one which is located on the frame door / window and the other on the door / window. This simple sensor of the basic set alarm requires no power supply, it is powered directly from the main unit alarm, simply connect it to dry contact inputs of the Vutlan monitoring system.

Price €98.00

Converter is used together with HOS-100Q1 DC Hall current sensor by converting data into format of remote monitoring system. The system interface allows to assign a current meter and to introduce the function data conversion.

Price €129.00

DC monitor is used for the measurement of DC voltage up to 75V and converting data into the format of the IP monitoring system. The system interface allows you to assign the sensor and introduce the function data conversion.


VT410 5V, measured range 0-5V

VT410 10V, measured range 0-10V

VT410 15V, measured range 0-15V

VT410 75V, measured range 0-75V

Other customizations are possible!

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