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Price €84.00

A high-performance sensor/detector using microwave radar as a control signal source to detect objects or human movement. This product is an indoor energy-saving high-sensitivity detector.

The scanned signal can penetrate plastic, glass, ceiling, wooden door, and thin walls.

The detector is analog and it is connected to analog ports of the Vutlan monitoring system.

The amount of VT572 sensors can be extended using VT408 / Sensor extension unit or VT408DIN / DIN sensor extension unit.

Price €59.00

The sensor is used for level monitoring of conductive liquids in containers, pits, cellars, etc. Or it is used for leakage detection. The sensor has two stainless steel poles. The detector is encapsulated in plastic housing for conductive liquids. Can be placed near plumbing, trays, raised floors, under equipment, sinks, aquariums, sump pumps, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, basements, washing machines, water heaters, and garages.

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