VT105 / Strobe light

MSRP price: €26.00

12V LED strobe flashlight for warning and alarms. Can be used with monitoring units by connecting it to 12V outputs.

Data sheet

Product dimensions
73 x 45mm, cable 3m
Packaging weight
110 g
Power input
12V, 120mA
Power Consumption
1 Watt
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -50° C - Max.+105° C
Mounting possibilities
Wall mount with dowels or sticker
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
8531 10 300
Package includes
12V LED device with 2m cable, 2 back panels, x2 M3 screws, x2 dowels, x2 screws for dowels
Special Features
Flashing frequency: 90/Min,IP rating standard: IP54,Type: LED Security Alarm,Color: red,Material: plastic,
Inputs terminals
2-wire cable
Outputs terminals
LED flashing light source


VT105 datasheet

Download (355.55KB)

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