VT450 / Pressure, humidity and temperature sensor

MSRP price: €149.00

High-quality pressure, humidity, and temperature digital CAN sensor with a reliable price.

Connecting CAN devices Connecting VT490i Setting up CAN VT490i package content API: managing system elements


Communication interface: CAN bus digital sensor
Input/Output terminals: x2 RJ11 6P4C ports
Daisy chain senor: Yes, a daisy chain is possible for all CAN sensors.
Max. distance from the monitoring unit: 225 m
LED indicators: Red / Green (RUN / ERROR)


Pressure RMS noise: 0.2Pa (equivalent to 1.7cm)
Pressure error: ±0.25% (equivalent to 1m at 400m height change)
Pressure from °C: ±1.5Pa/K (equivalent to ±12.6cm at 1 °C temperature change)
RH accuracy: ± 3% RH (max)
Hysteresis: ≤2% RH
Response time 1 s
Temperature: 1.5°C


Working temperature range: −40 to +85 °С
Humidity operating range: 0 to 95% RH operating range

Power Requirement

Power input: 12V DC, 1A (power supplied on a CAN bus chain)
Current consumption: 1 Watt


Dimensions: 68x47x26 mm
Packaging weight: 160 g
Mounting options: Desktop, Wall mount


Manufactured in: Slovak Republic, European Union
Manufactured by: Vutlan s.r.o.
HS code: 9025 11 800
Warranty: 90 days


VT450 datasheet

VT450 datasheet

Download (597.2KB)

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