VT540 / Vibration sensor

MSRP price: €45.00

At installation on walls, windows, etc., the sensor controls vibration.

Detects vibration.  For example, detects the breaking of the window by an intruder if installed on the window glass.  Max. distance from the monitoring unit is 150 meters. 

The maximum amount of sensors and maximum length can be extended using VT408 / Sensor extension unit.

Data sheet

Product dimensions
(Length, Width, Height) 60×18×18 mm
Packaging weight
60 g
Power Consumption
60 mW
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Mounting possibilities
Mounting bracket included
Max. distance from the unit
150 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
9025 11 800
Package includes
Cable RJ11/RJ12 to RJ11/RJ12, 2m
Mounting bracket
Screw 1pc M5
Inputs terminals
RJ-12 / RJ-11


EMC test report VT960i

EMC test report Model: VT960i and VT960ii Sensors/Modules: VT408, VT490, VT500, VT510, VT530, VT540, VT560 Emission measurements, Immunity tests

Download (2.51MB)

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