VT604t / Switched IP PDU with 4 outlets

MSRP price: €599.00

The device is used for load management and allows to switch on/off or reboot up to 4 outlets.

“VT604t / Switched PDU with 4 outlets” is also used for environmental monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow). It is also used as an I/O controller (e.g. door control, fans, generator, control panels, UPS, circuit breakers, and alarms). Can use up to 700 different elements - notifications, triggers, timers, logic schemes, sensors, and dry contacts. Has a built-in Web interface with virtual sensors, logic schemes, different types of notifications, and control panels. Has a slot for an LTE modem for an ethernet connection reservation.

Order options

Includes x2 analog sensor ports, x1 Ethernet port, x1 Micro USB port, x1 CAN sensor bus port, x2 12V DC 0.25A relays, x2 dry contact inputs, x1 SD card slot, and power reservation option for AC and DC.

Supports a full range of Vutlan analog sensors and CAN devices/sensors. Supports Modbus TCP/IP.

Possible extensions:

Notifications include E-mail, FTP log, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP Traps, Web-to-SMS, and PUSH.

Protocols include DHCP; HTTP; HTTPS; DynDNS; SSL; SNMP v1, v2c, v3; SMTP; FTP; Syslog; RADIUS; Modbus RTU; OpenVPN.

Virtual sensors include PING, timers, triggers, Logic schemes, SNMP GET, x4 IP cameras, Virtual math elements, and others.

Extensions include:

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