HOS-100Q1 / DC current sensor

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100A Hall current sensor is used for measurement of DC current. The system interface allows to assign sensor and to introduce the function data conversion. VT406 DC current converter can be used together with HOS-100Q1 to convert data into format of Vutlan remote monitoring system.

Max. distance from the measuring unit is 50 meters.

Metered current: -100A ÷ +100A

Output: 0-4V

Power: +/- 12-15V

Data sheet

Product dimensions
Size 60 × 61 × 16 mm
Packaging weight
150 g
Power input
+/- 12-15V
Power Consumption
1 Watt
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Mounting possibilities
Wall mount
Max. distance from the unit
50 m
HS Code
9030 33 100
Package includes
Terminal plug 4 pins 3.81mm 1pc
Special Features
Frequency: 0-20 kHz,Isolation: 5kV,Nominal AC current: 100A, Structure: Open / Closed,Accuracy: 1%,Output: -4 ... +4 V, 4 wire,Window: ø21 mm,Response time: ﹤ 1µs
Inputs terminals
Outputs terminals

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DC current measurement

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