VT531 / Optical access sensor

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At installation on doors, windows, etc., sensor controls status of door, window: opened, closed. Max. view distance of optical sensor is 3-4 cm. Min. view distance of optical sensor is 1 cm.

Max. distance from the monitoring unit is 50 meters.

Installation: Analog sensor connection

Installation: VT531 / Optical access sensor

Configuration: Sensor configuration

Data sheet

Product dimensions
(Length, Width, Height) 60×18×18 mm
Packaging weight
106 g
Power Consumption
60 mW
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Mounting possibilities
Mounting bracket included
Max. distance from the unit
150 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
8531 10 300
Package includes
Sensor converter, optical sensor, mounting bracket, 2m RJ11/RJ12 cable, screws, nuts, bolts and a sticker.
Inputs terminals
RJ-12 / RJ-11
Built-in sensors *
Optical sensor: max. view distance 4cm

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