VT608 / Switching PDU

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Device is used for load management and allows to switch on/off or reboot up to 8 outlets.

It has built-in temperature sensor, can connect two additional sensors and 2 dry contacts, two 12V devices (for example, alarm beacons), GSM modem and USB-сam.

There are built-in servers and agents like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP v1, 2c, 3, SMTP, Radius, Syslog, FTP, DHCP, Wachdog.

8 switched outlets

VT608 has 8 switched outlets. They can be controlled individually or as a group using web interface. Outlets can also be managed with predefined logic.

Analog sensors 2x.jpg

LEDs on front panel

LEDs for indication of outlet status, appliance status, electronic relay status, CAN status and errors.

Analog sensors 2x.jpg

Sensors ports

Connect sensor by a supplied RJ-11 (6P4C) cable to any"A1 - A2" port. Determination of the sensor type and connection will occur automatically.

CAN port

Connecting CAN devices on a common bus allows you to collect data from the sensors with a large area, or from a large distance and to transmit them to the network.

12V outputs for alarms

Appliance has the possibility to connect flash lights or sirens managed by built-in electronic relay.

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor is built-in on a board and sticks out on the front panel of the unit for better measurement. Accuracy equals +/- 1°C.

2 Dry contacts.jpg

Dry contact inputs

VT604 has 2 dry contact inputs. Can be used together with any contacts, for example with door or window contacts, circuit breakers etc.

Extension: GSM modem

VT604 has the possibility to install GSM modem. It is used for sending SMS notifications and receiving SMS commands.

USB camera

USB camera (class Linux UVC Webcam which supports MPEG) can be connected to "HS" port.

IP cameras

Using built-in interface it is possible to add up to four IP cameras. This will allows to view footagefrom surveillance cameras remotely,

USB flash drive

USB flash drive can be connected to VT805 using OTG miniUSB cable and can be used by the system for saving logs. More USB devices can be connected to one HS USB port using USB hub.


Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port, provides network connection.

Data sheet

Product dimensions
440 x 44.45 (1U) x 79 mm
Packaging weight
1,5 kg
Power input
2 inlets C14, 240V, 10A
Power Consumption
10 Watt
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Recovery switch
Restart button
Mounting possibilities
19" rack mountable
Wall turnable mount (with extension)
Max. distance from the unit
225 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
8471 50 000
Package includes
19" mounting brackets 2pcs
Cable EU Schuko C13 0.5mm2 230V 10A
Patch cable RJ-45 1m
Screws 6pcs M3 8mm
Self-adhesive rubber foot 4 pcs
Short description and connection guide
Terminal plug 3 pins 3.5mm 1pcs
Terminal plug 3 pins 3.81mm 1pcs
Warranty card
Brackets (accessories)
VT112 / Rotatable mounting brackets (ordered separately)
Inputs terminals

2 inlets C14 (240V, 10A)
Analog sensor ports: x2 ports
CAN bus sensor port
Dry contacts / Digital inputs: 2 contacts (pitch 3,5mm, type IN)
Expansions (ordered separately) *
VT700 / GSM modem
Processor *
ARM926-300 MHz / 64 MB / Linux-2.6.38
Extension protocols *
Network Interface *
CAN bus
CAN open
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Built-in sensors *
Power supply voltage sensor (1%)
Temperature sensor (Accuracy 1%)
Outputs terminals
8 outlets C13
Two 12V 0,25A outputs (pitch 3,81mm, 3P)
Status Indicators *
8 orange LEDs for outlet status
Error LED
LED indication for CAN bus connection
LED indication for Power / Network connectivity
Two relay status LEDs

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