WDC / Water detection rope

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When water is in contact with detection rope, sensor indicates the emergence of moisture. Water detection cable length: 6m, 10 m. 

Available articles are: WDC 6 or WDC 10.

Max. distance from the unit is 225 meters. VT591 is an analog plug-and-play sensor, it is integration friendly and quick to reset. After the flooding, the leak detection cable can be dried and reused. For correct operation WDC sensing cable sensor requires VT591 / Water leak rope sensor. Detectable liquids: clean and distilled water; alcohols.

This inexpensive cable can detect any conductive liquid, but due to the design features can quickly clog up with salts and reacts to high humidity, a consequence - the impossibility of further use.
It is recommended to use only for the detection of spirits, pure and distilled water!

If customer has salted or dust water, acids, alkalys, high humidity or near dew point, please use WLC cable!

"WDC / Water detection rope requires "VT591 / Water leak rope sensor".

Connection and installation guide can be found here: "VT591 / Water Leak sensor connection"

Read more about water detection applications in our article: "Water leakage detection using cable sensor and spot sensor"

Data sheet

Product dimensions
∅3 mm, length - 6, 10, 17, 25, 50 m.
Packaging weight
15 g/m
Operating temperature
Note. WDC can detect dew point as water!
Max. distance from the unit
225 m
HS Code
8544 49 200
Package includes
One self-adhesive holder on each 2 m.
Special Features
Conductor: 27% Ni; Cu.

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