VT18 / Extension board

MSRP price: €109.00

  End of Life:  31.12.2022

Board is mounted and connected inside of VT825 and VT825 DC. Adds 8 dry contacts (IN), 2 loads (latching relays with LEDs indicators) & a 12V DC power backup terminal.   

Allows addressed correlation of dry contacts and relais responses and permits, adequate measures to be taken established by the system logic.

Data sheet

Product dimensions
Depth 82,6 x Width 96 x Height 26 mm
Power input
12V DC, 1A (2P, 3,81mm, backup power)
Mounting possibilities
Embedded inside moinitoring unit enclosure
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
8471 50 000
Package includes
Cable BH2-16M to BH2-16M
Screws 4pcs M3 8mm
Terminal plug 2 pins 3.81mm 1pc
Terminal plug 3 pins 3.81mm 1pcs
Terminal plug 6 pins 3.5 mm 1pcs
Terminal plug 6 pins 3.5mm 2pcs
Terminal plug 6 pins 5.08mm pc
Inputs terminals
12V power backup
Dry contacts / Digital inputs: 8 contacts (pitch 3,5mm, type IN)
Outputs terminals
2 relay terminals (240V, 10A, latching relays)
Status Indicators *
Relays status LEDs


VT18 Datasheet

Download (596.45KB)

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