VT10 / 1-Wire board

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  End of Life:  31.10.2022

Board is mounted and connected inside of VT325, VT335S, VT805VT825 monitoring units. Allows communicating with 1-Wire readers or sensors.  

1-Wire technology is based on a serial communication protocol that uses a single data line plus ground reference between the monitoring unit and 1-Wire sensors or readers.

Accessories: TCS15 RJ11prolongation cable

Data sheet

Product dimensions
Length 44mm, Width 23mm, Height 15mm
Packaging weight
50 g
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
1- Wire sensors are plug-&-playVT10 needs to be activated (On/Off) inside the interface.
Max. distance from the unit
100 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
Package includes
Cable BH2-16M to BH2-16M
Screws 2pcs M3x5
Inputs terminals
1-Wire (iTouch reader)
Network Interface *
Status Indicators *
1-Wire status LED


VT10 datasheet

VT10 1-Wire module datasheet

Download (614.27KB)

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