VT11 / Relay contact 5A

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Relay switchable contact. Can be used together with equipment, for example for switching ON/OFF air conditioners. Can control power for magnetic locks, bolt locks, solenoid electromagnets, siren, light source, heater and etc.

Can be connected to any monitoring system or device with 12V outputs.

Max. distance from the unit is 200 meters.
Max. switching voltage: 250VAC / 30VDC
Max switching current: 5A
Max. switching power: 1250VA / 150W
Min. contact load:  No gold plated: 5VDC 10mA

Installation: Connecting 12V devices to 12V outputs

Installation: VT11 / Dry Contact Output

Package content: VT11 package content

Data sheet

Product dimensions
(Length, Width, Height) 60×18×18 mm
Packaging weight
60 g
Power Consumption
12 mW
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -50° C - Max.+105° C
Mounting possibilities
Countersink screw & sticker included for wall mounting, in rack mounting
Max. distance from the unit
200 m.
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
9025 11 800
Package includes
x2 wire cable (1 meter), screw M5 L15mm, x2 3.81mm 2P terminal, x2 5.08 2P terminal, sticker
Special Features
Max. switching voltage: 250VAC / 30VDCMax switching current : 5AMax. switching power: 1250VA / 150WMin. contact load: No gold plated, 5VDC 10mA
Inputs terminals
x2 wire terminal, 12V
Outputs terminals
x2 wire terminal switching contact
Status Indicators *
LED indicator for status

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