VT855ii / Redundant monitoring unit

MSRP price: €945.00

Monitoring system with redundant power supply

The unit is used for environmental monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow). It is also used as an I/O controller (e.g. door control, fans, generator, control panels, UPS, circuit breakers, and alarms). Can use up to 1000 elements - notifications, triggers, timers, logic schemes, sensors, and dry contacts. Has a built-in Web interface with virtual sensors, logic schemes, different types of notifications, and control panels. Has a slot for a VT740 LTE Slot modem (ordered separately!) for an ethernet connection reservation.

Order options:

VT855i x1 230V AC power inlet

VT855ii x2 230V AC power inlets

VT855iDC x1 230V AC and x1 24-48V DC power inlets

VT855DC  x1 24-48V DC power inlet

VT855DCDC x2 24-48V DC power inlets.ts.

Built-in extension units
Power input:

Order options


x1 230V AC power inlet.


x2 230V AC power inlets, providing a redundant power supply for A&B power distribution.

VT855iDCx1 230V AC and x1 24-48V DC power inlets.

x1 24-48V DC power inlet.

VT855DCDCx2 24-48V DC power inlets.

Device Management:

VT855i / VT855ii

 Web, SNMP, manually via SMS


LAN: Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

OS: Linuxv.5.40
CPU speed:600mHz

Clock: Built-in clock 

Watchdog: Built-in watchdog timer

Max. amount of sensors: physical sensors, dry contacts, relays150
Max. amount of elements: notifications, triggers, timers, logic, sensors, dry contacts, SNMP Get, SNMP Trap, and other elements1000

Protocol support

Network protocols: DHCP; HTTP; HTTPS; DynDNS; SSL/TLS; SNMP v1, v2c, v3; SMTP; FTP; Syslog; RADIUS; Modbus RTU; OpenVPN

VPN: secure data communications; secure change of connection between LTE and LAN

SSH: Provided as a separate patch.

Alerts / Notifications

Alert types: E-mail, FTP log, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP Traps, SMS (Modem is ordered separately), Web-to-SMS, PUSH

A maximum number of "mail to" recipients in an E-mail notification:20
A maximum number of "SMS to" recipients in an SMS notification: also the maximum amount of phone numbers

Virtual sensors

Pings: Built-in function for server pinging. Test the reach-ability of a host in a network.

IP cameras: Connect the IP MJPEG camera with a proxy via the master module. Only view.
Get SNMP: Read data from external equipment via SNMP PDU GET (v1/2c)

User keys: Add users who have access using RFID reader.

Logic schemes: Used to specify automatic actions to events that occur in the system.

Timers: Allows you to plan the events in the system.

Triggers: Generate events in the system if logic is triggered.

SNMP traps

Virtual Math element (combine several sensor data and calculate new data)

Logic schemes

Modbus TCP/IP: read/write


Note: The system is sold in different order options. The power inputs will depend on your options.
Power input AC:
Power input DC:
24 ÷ 48V 
Fuse:  Fuse at the inlet1A
Max. power consumption:30W
The maximum current load on the relay:10А
Redundant power supply: built-in voltage monitor, voltage range 9-12.6V. Available only for systems with two power supplies. See order options.

Yes, for redundant order options.


Relay outputs: latching relays 240V*10A2
Relays outputs: 12V 0.25A2
Max. dry contact outputs (contact closures/digital outputs)


Analog port: 6P6C  for connection of any analog sensor.8

CAN port: Max number of sensors

Use CAN-12V-1A for connecting more than 12 devices.

Dry contact inputs:32
Modbus: (Max. 32 sensors, Max. line length 1000m)1
Reader 1-Wire1


Video cameras:USB, x1 IP

Other connectors

Ethernet port: 10/100Mbit

USB 2.0 Type A1
USB 2.0 micro 1

External Memory

SD card slot

Extensions (modules are ordered separately)

Modem (extensions)

4G LTE Slot modem: ordered separately. 


Modem modes:

  • Gateway: Internet access
  • Access: Internet access over LTE
  • SMS: SMS notifications 
Gateway / Access / SMS

Embedded sensors

Temperature sensor: +/- 1 °C  Case temperature.

Power supply voltage sensor: Accuracy (1%)

Environmental characteristics

Operating temperature: -10 to 80 °C

Storage temperature: –25 to 85 °C

Operating humidity: 0 to 90 %, non-condensing

Storage humidity: 0 to 95 %, non-condensing

Other Features

Installation: 19” 1U
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm:440*44*90
Weight:1,5 kg
External chassis grounding: M4 thread

Web interface (panels)

Dashboard panel:

System tree panel: sensors and devices displayed in a hierarchy

Event log panel:300
List of latest sent SMS messages:200
Supported Vutlan environmental sensors

Temperature, Outdoor Temperature, Humidity, Water leakage, Wind speed meter, Access sensor, Door sensor, Water Level, AC / DC current meters, AC voltage monitor, Smoke detector, Vibration, Motion / PIR, Converter and etc.

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