VT900 DC / BTS monitoring unit

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The unit is used for temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow, doors control in the server rooms, for monitoring of cabinets and facilities. Can use up to 1000 different elements - notifications, triggeres, timers, logics, sensors, dry contacts.

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Internal LTE, GPS modem

Provides ethernet over LTE. Can work as a router. Adds time over GPS. Allows to receive and send messages. Ordered separately. Possible to order additional auxiliary and GPS antennas.

Product page SMS Ethernet GPS LTE

Dry Contacts Boards


VTX16 / Dry Contacts board

Supplied together with the base model. The board provides a two wire interface by adding 16 dry contact inputs.

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VTX40a / Dry Contacts board

Ordered separately. Replaces default VTX16 board in bank A. Adds a 2-wire interface: 32 dry contact inputs + 8 isolated dry contact outputs.

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2.5inch SATA HDD SSD support

Internal 2,5" SATA

Ordered separately. Possible to use 2.5" HDD or SSD. Used for:


Saving logs of sensor data for analysis and evaluation;


Record digital video and audio to remote servers or internal SATA drive. Stream video directly to the operator via analog or through a web interface.


Linux based software. For example, NMS SNMP built in client, database, SMS server;


and other possibilities...

Product page LTE_60x60.png LTE_60x60.png LTE_60x60.png LTE_60x60.png GPS_60x60.png


Embedded web-interface

Simple and flexible fully featured built-in web-interface for monitoring and control of the unit / sensors / devices. Includes following panels: Dashboard, Dry contacts, Event log, Logic schemes, Cameras, Map, Users, Outlets or Relays, Graphs, System tree and other. Supports secured connection over HTTPS.


Multi-language support. Possibility to add new languages using a translation file.


First time wizzard for configuraing basic settings: Language, Time, Network, SNMP, Users.

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Front panel: inputs & outputs

VT900 front panel

SIM, antenna slot

VT710 / LTE, GPS modem slot GPS LTE

VT710 / LTE modem is ordered separately. Possible to connect: LTE main, LTE auxiliary, GPS antennas. Has Mini SIM card slot and LED modem status indicator. Used for Ethernet over LTE and SMS notifications.

Product page Documentation

x8 Analog ports

Ports for analog sensors 6P4C Analog sensor

Connect sensor by a supplied RJ-11 (6P4C) cable to any sensor port "A1 .. A8". Determination of the sensor type and connection will occur automatically. Possible to connect up to 100 analog sensors using "VT408 / Sensor extension unit"

Analog sensors Documentation

SIM, antenna slot

LED indicators LEDs

E1-E2 for 12V 0.25A outputs; R1-R2 for relays; STATUS indicates appliance status; CAN indicates CAN bus status; HDD indicates SATA status; ERROR indicates error and traffic.

SD card slot

MicroSD card slot Backup Firmware LOGs

Monitoring unit uses SD-card to record changes in: logs, sensor data, configuration elements. Firmware update can also be done using SD card.


USB 0 USB modem Restore Camera

USB0 is a type miniAB USB port 2.0. Can connect Modbus sensors using VT485; USB camera; or connect a PC for restoring an appliance; or connect USB flash for saving logs.

SIM, antenna slot

LAN port & USB 1 LAN WWW Camera

USB1 is a type USB port 2.0. Can connect Modbus sensors using VT485; USB camera; or connect a PC for restoring an appliance; or connect USB flash for saving logs. LAN port max. speen is 100 Mbps/s. It is used for connecting to LAN or external network.

Back panel: inputs & outputs

VT900 back panel


1-Wire bus 1-Wire 1-Wire 1-Wire

Used for connection of an access reader or accurate 1-Wire sensors.

1-Wire sensors Documentation



Analog video & audio input and output (connector type TRRC). DC 12V 0.25A power supply output for an analog camera. Requires SATA to be installed inside the unit.

12V outputs

Two 12V 0.25A outputs Siren 12V power

Two outputs, DC 12V 0.25A each with LED indicators in the front panel.. Can connect, for example, light tower, magnetick/bolt lock, electric latch, siren. Can be ordered:

Two relays

Relays Lightsp Conditioner Relays

Two loads (latching relays with LEDs indicators on front panel). Used to control large flow of electrical current with smaller flow of current. Example include confitioners, lights.


x16 dry contact inputs

Dry contact inputs Button Burglar alarm Door contact Fire alarm Dry contact inputs

The unit has x16 dry contact inputs (two wire interface). Used for contacts of windows, doors, fire / burglar alarms, power systems, exit / push buttons. VTX16 is supplied by default. Can be replaced by "VTX40a / Dry contacts board".

VTX16 Documentation

VTX40 dry contact outputs inputs

Extension: VTX40 Power systems Conditioner Dry out Dry IN

Ordered separately. Replaces default VTX16 board in bank A. Adds a 2-wire interface: x32 dry contact inputs + x8 isolated dry contact outputs.

VTX40 Documentation

Chasis grounding

Chasis grounding Chasis grounding

Chassis external ground earthing, to suppress electromagnetic interference.

DC 48V

Power supply C13 AC 230V power supply

VT900 has DC 48 V internal power supply. If You require AC 100-240V 50/60Hz with C13 inlet, please look at model VT900.



Full SNMP support

Integrates with network management systems via SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and encrypted SNMP v3. Easy integration with NAgios, PRTG, Zabbix, OpenNMS and other SNMP NMS clients. SNMP manual ; Management Software.



Save sensor and system data to USB Flash drive, FTP, Mail, Syslog server or using SATA. Possible to specify saved sensors, lifetime of files and enable detailed Logs. Configuration...


RADIUS server

Provide centralized control access to multiple monitoring devices on a network. Also needed when an individual user configuration on each monitoring device is too time consuming. Access via Radius server


Configurable logic schemes

Logic schemes are used to specify automatic actions to events that occur in the system. Conditions “IF” are combined using “AND” & “OR”and executed using “THEN”. Adding logic schemes


Sensor graphing

Detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors using multi-plot graph.


Up to 4 IP cameras

Every monitoring unit can display pictures from a maximum of four IP cameras simultaneously in several sizes, up to 640x480 pixels resolution. Adding IP camera


Open API

Integrates with network management systems via SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and encrypted SNMP v3. API overview



Notifications are intended to inform the user about events occurring in the monitoring system. Vutlan systems support notifications by E-mail, SMS, SMS Gate, Web-to-SMS. Physical notifications are possible using alarm beacons, light towers, sirens. Environmental control


Full range of sensors & outputs

Vutlan provides full range of sensors and control devices. For example: Temperature, Humnidty, Vibration, Leakage detection, Water & Fuel level, AC/DC measurement, Airflow, Smoke detection, Motion, Access, Relays, Dry Contacts, Outlets, Cameras, Dry Contacts and other. Access via Radius server


Virtual sensors & elements

Possible to add 9 virtual elements: Group, E-mail (message), SNMP trap, SMS, Timer, Trigger, PING, SNMP Get, IP Cam. Read more


User access & permissions

Using “view” and “write” rights, user access can be restricted to the subsystems of the device using groups of access permission. User access can also be restricted to a specific group of sensors. Read more

Infrastructure monitoring program.png

Infrastructure monitoring programm

Achieve instant awareness of IT infrastructure problems, so downtime doesn’t adversely affect your business. Complete monitoring and alerting for multiple Vutlan devices, servers, switches, applications, and services. It is preloaded with NMS Nagios plugins to check for Vutlan master modules and is provided as a virtual machine image in an open format ova.


Monitor your entire IT infrastructure;


Spot problems before they occur;


Know immediately when problems arise;


Share availability data with stakeholders;


Detect security breaches;


Plan and budget for IT upgrades;


Reduce downtime and business losses;

Download free SNMP Manual SNMP_60x60.png infrastructure_60x60.png



Online documentation

Full online documentation updated on a day-to-day basis. Installation and Quick Configuration Manual


Constant updates

We constantly update the systems with new features, fix bugs and errors by releasing new firmware on a monthly basis. Latest drivers

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