VT85 / Modbus extension board

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Allows to monitor up to 32 Modbus RTU devices/meters/sensors. Max. a distance of a daisy chain is up to 1000-1200 meters. Each metered value of a Modbus device is addressed individually using input registers and are shown by the system as virtual sensors. You can configure thresholds and icon representation for these elements.

Can be used with VT325, VT335S, VT335S DC, VT805, VT825, VT825 DC monitoring systems. Installed inside the monitoring unit. Has an internal termination and by default, it is switched on (if required can be turned off).

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Data sheet

Product dimensions
Width: 23.5 mm, Height 24 mm, Length 44 mm
3P Terminal 3.5mm
Installed inside the unit.
Manufactured in E.U.
Max. distance from the unit
1000 - 1200 m
Package includes
Cable BH2-16M to BH2-16M
Screws 2pcs M3x5
Terminal plug 3 pins 3.5mm 1pcs
Status Indicators
Red LED for data transfer. Green LED for data receiving.
Network Interface
Modbus RTU

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