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Thermal mapping in a server cabinet

The cooling air of 19-inch server cabinets/racks in the server room and data center should be permanently monitored. The optimal temperature of the air intake and exhaust air should be measured and controlled 24/7.

Leakage detection under raised floors

Raised floors, used sometimes in offices, server rooms, data centers are also particularly vulnerable. Monitoring the status of concealed cables and wires beneath floor panels may be difficult.

Access control example

Setup user access using electronic keys; Control door access using a lock; Use exit button for controlling door exit access; Use emergency exit button for controlling door exit access; Alarm beacon in case of an alarm.

Connecting 4-20mA level sensor

Connect industrial 4-20mA current loop water level sensor. Send data to Network Monitoring Center using SNMP traps. Use built-in logic schemes to send E-mail and SMS messages in case of emergency.

Perimeter Leakage detection

Detect leakage below along plumbing walls and under windows; At drip trays and in overhead piping; Under pipelines, sump pumps; Under and around boilers, chillers, freezers; Around potentially leaking equipment.

Rack Monitoring

Computer room servers, rack-mounted equipment, and cabinets are an expensive asset in IT infrastructure. It is impiritive to ensure that the rack and it's equipment are performing fault-free, and as efficient as possible.

Connecting 4-20mA current loop sensors

4-20 mA loop is, by far, the dominant standard in the industry. VT420 / 4-20mA converter allows connecting 4-20mA sensors. E.g. fuel level, the concentration of CO2, pressure transducers, pH monitor.

Single spot overflow detection

VT590 is used to detect pooling/dripping water and is best placed directly beneath equipment or in low-lying areas. For example, the most common reason for flooding server rooms is from leaking CRAC units.

Measure current in AC power circuit

Sensor for measuring current in 230V and 110V installations using Vutlan open-loop contactless hall sensor and a converter enables you to create an early warning system against overloading the electricity supply or individual lines.

Life prediction of equipment

As the electric elements age in the equipment, its resistance also changes. By measuring the current drawn by the element using Vutlan current transducer the resistance of the element can be determined and compared against a known aging characteristic.

Turn off equipment before it overloads

As the electric elements age in the equipment, its resistance also changes. By measuring the current drawn by the element using Vutlan current transducer the resistance of the element can be determined and compared against a known ageing characteristic.

Detect equipment jam

In case of low current, notify personnel by switching on the alarm beacon and notifying the control center using an E-mail, SMS, Syslog, Event log, SNMP Trap or SNMP Get.

Monitor battery charging or UPS

If hall sensor is installed in such a way that it's arrow, drawn on it, points towards the battery, then: If battery is charging, sensor shows that the current is ”+”; If battery is discharging, sensor shows that the current is ”-”.

Telecom Base Stations (BTS) monitoring

Our monitoring units provide the Network Operation Center information about key parameters regarding the condition of the site in real-time, help to manage the maintenance of the site and make proper decisions, cut the costs for personnel and operational expenses and provide sensor logs for root cause analysis for future problem prevention.

Data centre monitoring

Failure or even the shut down of a data center can result in high losses and endangers a company’s business operations. Therefore, monitoring of complex IT-infrastructure is mission-critical for data center operators and companies.

Scalability of Vutlan monitoring systems

The article scalability topics such as Centralized monitoring, SNMP support, LTE modem, LAN connection, Notifications and alerts, Web interface, Software scalability options, Connecting CAN sensors, Connecting analog sensors, Connecting modules.

Embedded web interface

Our web interface is flexible enough to empower you with you with all the tools you need to monitor and control your mission critical facility. It is embedded in each remote monitoring unit and can be accessed with IP address inside your browser.

SNMP software Integration

SNMP software packages allow monitoring hundreds and thousands of monitoring systems. Vutlan systems support SNMP v1, v2c, v3. Required MIB files are included with all Vutlan units.

Data Collecting and Graphing

The measurements are periodically stored in the internal memory or external storage media and displayed as graphs. Each graph shows data for last 100: seconds, minutes, hours, days. Web interface provides an easy way to access these logs for each individual sensor.

Graph Multiple Sensor Data

Web interface also allows to view detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors using multi-plot graph. This is very useful when you need to see sensor data of two or more sensors on the same graph for a given period of time.

Notifications & Alerts based on Thresholds

When the measured value exceeds the predefined threshold, it triggers an alert: Send Email, SMS, Syslog, Event log, SNMP Trap, SNMP Get, sound and light an alarm beacon or a strobe light. Alerts can be based on thresholds (warning, alert, normal, or not connected) or on multiple conditions.

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