VT593 / Spot leak sensor

MSRP price: €59.00

The sensor is used for level monitoring of conductive liquids in containers, pits, cellars, etc. Or it is used for leakage detection. The sensor has two stainless steel poles. The detector is encapsulated in plastic housing for conductive liquids. Can be placed near plumbing, trays, raised floors, under equipment, sinks, aquariums, sump pumps, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, basements, washing machines, water heaters, and garages.

The sensor must be used together with a "WLC / Water leak cable".

The sensor reacts to just a few drops of liquid and can also detect the emergence of moisture. The cable is flexible and easy to install. Max. distance from the unit is 100 meters. VT591 is an analog plug-and-play sensor, it is integration-friendly and quick to reset. After the flooding, the leak detection cable can be dried and reused. The sensor does not produce false alarm signals when bent or twisted. Detectable liquids: clean, polluted & distilled water; acids; alkalis; alcohols, and other electrically conductive liquid.  WLC can work in high humidity, pollution, and hazardous waste. 

Data sheet

Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Max. distance from the unit
100 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
Special Features
Does not corrode
Inputs terminals
RJ9 4P2C
Network Interface *
Analog sensor
Outputs terminals
RJ11/RJ12 6P4C

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