VT520DIN / AC voltage monitor

MSRP price: €69.00

The sensor is used for the measurement of 0-246V, AC. It has a very high 1% accuracy. It can be used with any Vutlan monitoring system. DIN rail 35mm mounting.

Data sheet

Analog sensors
AC voltage
Product dimensions
DIN 2M, Height 90.2mm, Width 36.3mm, Depth 57.5mm
Packaging weight
125 g
Analog sensor ports (6P4C)
Autosense bus, RJ-11 (6P4C) cable , Output 0-5V
x1 port
Power Consumption
60 mW
Operating temperature
Temperature : Min. -10° C - Max.+80° C
Operating humidity
Humidity : Min. 5% - Max. 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Mounting possibilities
DIN rail (35 mm)
Max. distance from the unit
100 m
Manufactured in (country)
Manufactured in Slovak Republic, E.U.
HS Code
9030 33 300
Inputs terminals
Strip length 6-7mm, Wire cross 2.5mm ² 22~12AWG
IP20H / IP40H
Measured voltage range
0-246V, AC


VT520DIN AC Voltmeter brochure

VT520DIN AC Voltmeter brochure

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